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Tuhl serves as the Guardian for the Orb of Caros.  He is a Lemurian who bears no resemblance to Habie or any other Lemurian on the planet.  He is a mage who can out-cast the strongest Carotian, a technician who can out-tinker even Mistra, a sage whose wisdom and knowledge rival those of Caros and Cilio themselves.  He sets the questors on their way and watches over them from afar.  Unlike the rest of his people, he remained true to the promise of his race when the humans arrived from doomed Thalybdenos.  Where nearly all of his people used their empathic skills to draw strength from the humans when their own energies flagged, he kept to himself, struggling to master test after test and building up his own reserves of power.  He was the last Lemurian known to have undergone the Lemurian Sleep of Transformation, which changed him into the one Being capable of protecting the Orb.